Is it formal dress code?

Dress in something that you find relaxing and comfortable. Smart casual is the norm. You’re welcome to get dressed up in something

Is it formal dress code?2018-11-27T15:38:15+10:00

How Long Do They Go For?

There is no fixed end time but it generally lasts about 90 minutes (9AM – 10:30AM). But wait … there’s more! I

How Long Do They Go For?2018-11-27T15:37:27+10:00

How do I get to know any one there?

We have people who are willing to meet you invite you to morning tea and introduce you to our friendly family, and

How do I get to know any one there?2018-11-27T15:34:22+10:00

Who is our Church for?

We believe that church is for anyone who is seeking to discover God in Jesus as their personal Saviour or, who believes in

Who is our Church for?2018-11-27T15:33:47+10:00
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